Applying Science to Business Challenges

Anticipatory Shipping, self-propelled delivery vehicles with integrated 3D-printers, augmented reality support for pickers, robotic delivery staff – the latest trends in the industry read like a science fiction novel. But the real question is: For how long will it be a good idea, and when do we actually feel the benefits of such developments in our daily business?


This question cannot be answered simply, but must be re-examined on a regular basis. Just as trends and ideas prove to be high-potentials and game changers, various developments are far too quickly replaced by even newer technologies than they could ever return on the investment.


For this very reason, INTERGERMANIA Transport GmbH dedicates a special part of its energy to the testing and implementation of new technology. Our focus is therefore on helping our clients master their challenges quickly and effortlessly, using effective resource implementation and the use of modern-day technologies.


In particular, the following topics are relevant to us:

Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquid Hydrogen

If you require information for any of the above-mentioned topics or are facing related problems, please do not hesitate to call us. We have a solution to your problems!


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