Specialised Equipment


Supplying racetracks and racing teams with fuel is a particularly demanding task – and simultaneously a passion of ours. For this purpose, we use our specially equipped tank trailer as well as a dedicated tractor, which allow us to supply racetracks with large amounts of fuel throughout Europe. For smaller races or for emergency deliveries, we have a small van with all necessary approvals, with which we can transport up to 1200 liters of fuel. For international racing series, we use our network and partners worldwide to ensure a high quality and reliable supply.


For some time now we have explored the energy changes happening worldwide, from fossil fuels to more ecological alternatives such as hydrogen and liquid natural gas. Fuels such as natural gas (especially in liquid form as LNG, liquefied natural gas) or hydrogen require special equipment. For this we offer logistics concepts and equipment that incorporate the special features of the products. Our T75 tank containers are the ideal means of transport for liquefied petroleum gas because they are designed for the transport of cryogenic products. Here we can achieve a holding time of up to 100 days.