Our Equipment

To optimise your supply chain, we use equipment of the highest quality coupled with innovative technology.


We offer an extensive container fleet, consisting of standard ISO tank containers from T11 to T75 in various sizes (20 to 40 feet – including SWAPs, cooled or heated), Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and Flexitanks/Flexibags. Special configurations such as multi-compartments and/or baffles are possible if needed. Our tank containers can be adapted according to your needs. The majority of our containers are equipped with tracking units, which allow you to receive regular updates on the location and status of your shipment.

Our tank containers are utilised in the automotive, chemical and food industries – mainly for transporting hazardous liquids and gases, which are contained and defined in the IMDG regulations. They are also used for non-hazardous liquids in larger quantities, such as additives, palm oil, wax and food-grade products such as water, wine, spirits, fruit juice concentrate and food additives.


Most of our tank containers are equipped with a tracking device, which allows us to track the exact location and current status of your goods at any time, regardless of time zones or country barriers. These tracking units also serve as a hub for other purposes, for example, the temperature of the goods can also be communicated via the tracking unit. To do this, we mount sensors to our containers and use them to ensure all quality features of your goods. We ‘d be happy to develop an attractive concept with you.

Our tracking units are ATEX certified, which means they can remain on the tank container even when loading and unloading dangerous goods.


In addition to our containers, we also offer advanced tank container technology and special equipment that allows us to adapt to the requirements of the place of delivery. The equipment also makes the loading and unloading of the products as accurate and as easy as possible.

We offer:

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